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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Nice discussion of the problem in public education. Believe me, if there was competition in the public school system, Capistrano would not have this problem.

Walkback your Attacks on Pelosi. Get used to this. Every Democrat for Congress will be madder than a wet hen at Pelosi, until 3 November. Do not be fooled by this. Mike Oliverio of West Virginia is just the first of many.

Monday, 31 May

Happy Memorial Day

When You Try to be Like Western Europe, you generate problems like the "ninety-niners". These are the long-term unemployed and the 99 refers to the weeks on unemployment. After a year on unemployment, it will be difficult to re-adjust to working for a living.

Why Can't Male Conservative Politicians act as forcefully as women conservative politicians. Arizona's Terry Goddard will not press on illegal immigration. Jan Brewer simply fired him. There are enough legal details to keep a bevy of lawyers interested. However, you have to love the directness of the act.

ObamaCare Goes Before the Voters. Oklahoma voters will have a chance to nullify the biggest imposition of socialism in the United States. With this on the ballot, it will be a long electoral season for Oklahoma Democrats.

Saturday, 29 May

No Kidding. Blanche. This is just about unions intimidating elected representatives.

We have a Huge, Historic Deficit, so let's give ourselves a $2B pay raise. This Congress is the most amazing group in the world. I have lost count of the reasons to send them packing.

First the Steel Companies, then the Airlines, and now California Cities. Defined benefit pension plans are really effective in destroying companies and institutions. No wonder the unions love them.

Here is How You Fight Back . Conservatives can do the right thing and win elections. Chris Christie shows how to do it here.

Thursday, 27 May

This is brutal. Cecile Bledsoe is the conservative running for the AR-03 nomination. Steve Womack is the RINO. Watch. It is a safe Republican seat - so why not get a conservative.

Cecile Bledsoe "Runoff" from Pinnacle One on Vimeo.

Greece on the Pacific. Republican candidate has to battle potential $275K a year pension payments. As California goes, so goes the nation. This is incredible.

No End in Sight. Just like the Gulf Oil spill, there seems to be no end to the amount of money that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac can lose. There is actually no chance this will change without strong GOP majorities in the House and Senate.

Where was this John McCain in 2008. Nice story of a heated exchange between John McCain and Dick Durbin. It is a shame that this John McCain was absent in 2008. We might have elected more republican house members.

Tidal Wave is Coming. At least that is what Michael Barone says about several polls that reveal good news for Republican congressional challengers in Ohio.

If the Stock Market is a Leading Indicator , then the recent drop is not pleasing. I think that the market is anticipating the double tax whammy for 2011 - the end of the Bush tax cuts and the taxing of health care benefits. Both are going to be devastating.

Child Care Workers get Surprise Union Membership . It always amazes me what the Democrats will do to build up their political coffers. In Ohio, indepdent child care workers were forced into AFSCME union membership.

Tuesday, 25 May

More Bad News from the Golden State. What a wonderful examples of the importance of law on prosperity. California is an incredibly rich place - full of natural resources. Only Democrats could make it Greece on the Pacific.

Sunday, 23 May

Obama's Congressional District Realizes Error and Begins Atonement. Well, that is one way to look at it. After giving us Obama, they also gave us Charles Djou. This gentlemen won a fantastic victory against one of the most difficult Democratic machines in America. They will be gunning for him in November.

Illegal Immigration - This will be a pivotal election. Watch this ad. I think that the regime's attitude toward illegal immigration will give Conservatives the West.

Stop Illegal Immigration and your Economy Improves. That is the story in Oklahoma. They took a courageous act in 2007 and their state economy is responding. Too bad Washington and the national Congress is not listening.

Cory Gardner to Battle Bettsy Markey. For folks who do not live in Colorado, Betsy is pure Boulder, e.g., the Ann Arbor of Colorado. This woman has got to go.

Saturday, 22 May

Reflections for Saturday Morning. Take a few minutes and listen to Milton Friedman. President Obama and the House and Senate should watch this every day.

Slowly but Surely We Eliminate the RINOsCecile Bledsoe (AR-03) is the real deal - a conservative who will fight for her principles. Steve Womack is a professional politician, e.g., Mike DeWine of Ohio moved to Arkansas. Support Cecile for this seat.

Bob McConnell - John Salazar's worst nightmare. Interesting background - great lawyer and climbed Mr. Everest. The presentation is a little old, but the message is good.

As California Goes. Interesting study of the principal races in California. Remember, California is 12% of the nation's economy. If it falls over a cliff, it takes the rest of us with it.

Good News in Nebraska . Early Pomeroy beginning to look like toast. Let's keep the pressure on.

Thursday, 20 May

Let's Work with the Tea Party rather than demonizing them. It is hard to believe that people who just want to balance the budget can be so demonized.

Remember when HCR was Going to Help Elect Democrats, then check out the results last night. HCR will help sink the Democrats this year.

What Did You Expect MediCare imploding because of the lack of the doc fix. Relax, we have HCR to save us.

Wednesday, 19 May

Public Sector Union. It is like they received their mom's credit card and they are spending without thinking about the future. We have to stop them now.

Wind Power is a Fraud. When the Chinese Communists analyze deals better than the United States, we are doomed.

Public Sector Unions Pay off Media Matters to Ignore Tea Party Bullying. Amazing. Watch this space. You will not see this one in the media.

Revenge is Best Served ColdTen years after Steve Poizner donated to the Gore recount, Dick Cheney sticks in the knife, twists it several times, and endorses Poizner's opponent - Meg Whitman.

The Stimulus - Paying Corporations to do What They were Going to Do Anyway. My goodness. What a better description of the futility of the stimulus. We gave the French money to help build a factory in Youngstown, when they were going to do it by themselves. Swell job, Barry. Swell Job.

Monday, 17 May

This my friends is a campaign commercial

Sunday, 16 May

Pretty effective ad from Mothers Against Debt. This places the focus on that old Democrat meme - it is for the children.

Real Feminism at Work. Sarah Palin and Nikki Haley. Just the type of feminist role models that Katie Couric and girls dream about becoming one day.

Change the Name to George Bush and then watch the media firestorm. Is anyone surprised that the MSM just shrugged off Eric Holder's diligent research into the Arizona immigration law. And since when does the left have to be fact-based?

Nice sentiment to start your Sunday.

Get Ready for the Fight of your Lives> Real-life budget cutting is difficult, as shown in this good article about Schwarzenegger's proposed budget cut. In reality, we will have to beat down the fourth branch of Government in most states - the Teachers' Union.

Saturday, 15 May

Radical Islam - Watch two American Leaders deal with this issue

First, Eric Holder

Second, Allen West

Here is a teachable moment. Who do you think is going to win the war?

Sure Barney, If you Say So> One of the Geniuses behind the financial meltdown once again declares that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are really healthy. Sigh, will we never learn?

Sarah Palin Targets Liberal Women. Great. About time someone has the fortitude to take on liberal women.

John Boehner, Eric Cantor, Cut the Gimmicks. You Cuts is a fraud. Take what Chris Christie is doing in New Jersey and bring it to Washington.

Friday, 14 May

Gov Christie calls S-L columnist thin-skinned for inquiring about his 'confrontational tone'

Christie 2012 - A BIG MAN FOR A BIG JOB!!!!!

The hits just keep on coming today. Len Britton - potential Senator from Vermont. Get a paper route, Billy. He has the DC attitude down perfectly.

I never thought that I would see this during my lifetime. California is in the same class with the Ukraine and Latvia. California wishes that they had Chris Christie as their Governor as they behold this.

New Spin - Let's Complain about Private Sector Unions. Take down the Big Three. No Problem. Have to keep up with the Teacher's Union in Michigan. We have to take these guys down a notch to save the US.

Go Teach your Racism Somewhere Else. Jan Brewer and Arizona has done it again by banning classes in racial politics and entitlements.

Nanny State Stikes Facebook. You have to wonder what Maryland will not try to regulate. Why doesn't the Free State worry about lowering taxes and spending less.

Thursday, 13 May

Thought of the day

If you want jobs, lower taxes.

California - the Last Stand of the RINOs. As a life-long lover of southern California, it pains me to see what is happening to the Golden state. We cannot be health economically in this nation if California is not doing well. Consequently, what matters in California matters everywhere. We have to get Conservatives running the state.

Strong Support for the Arizona Law. Expect this issue to die quickly as Democrats find it will hurt them. America is tired of illegal immigration.

Nice Try - But it is an Anti-Democrat Year. Here is a good story about the Democrats whistling past the graveyard. If they wanted to be re-elected, they would have acted like socialists during the last eighteen months.

Hey, Pass it On. Supply Side Worked. Check out the difference in April 2007 and 2008 and April 2009 and 2010. Stunning. The country is in the very best of hands.

Wednesday, 12 May

Vaya Con Dios, Alan. Great news, Alan Mollohan was defeated in his primary last night. The first of many HCR voters tastes the sting of defeat. After 14 terms in Congress and a lifetime pass from the Ethics committee, West Virginia voters finally did some quality control. There are many, many more of these guys to go.

Whoahhhhh. Arizona's Legislature Enacts Educational Reforms. Impressive. This is fun watching motivated conservatives try to rescue our society. The icing on the cake will be the Nazi-like charge from the left. That is the official seal of approval.

Just Money Down a Black Hole. Good comments from Larry Kudlow. The trillion dollar bail-out of the Euro is just going to delay the pain. Milton Friedman once said that all American problems were the result of too much socialism. Keep this in mind when you hear the official reassurances on the Euro bail-out.

TV Network News Audience Plunges. Since hard reporting is the ultimate killer app, it is amazing that the networks allowed the left to make network news an editorial platform. I guess that the market does speak lougly.

Tuesday, 11 May

What is Offensive About This. If you cannot see it, then you are obviously not qualified to teach in the Santa Rita school district in the state of California.

Dead Man Walking? Is today the day that Alan Mollohan gets a chance to discover life in the private sector?

$145B Down the Drain.If you cannot buy General Motors stock, there is always Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Looks Like Obama's Home District is Going Republican. DCCC pulls out of HI-01. They will be back in November. However, incumbents do well in Ohio. Get used to Congressman Djou.

Remember when It Was Wrong to not Know how to Use a Blackberry. Well, John McCain may be old and slow for not knowing how to use a blackberry. However, no one cares that Obama does not know hot to use an Ipad or an Ipod.

Monday, 10 May

Whatever the Problem is, Let's just Raise Taxes. These people will not learn. We just have to remove them from office. They have reduced California to pauper status. You cannot change stupid - you can vote it out.

Democrat's Unbreakable Majority in Colorado may be gone this cycle. The premise was that a good economy would keep them in. Unfortunately, no one apparently told Barry, Nancy, and Harry.

Tax Cuts in Germany Killed by Greece Bail-out. This is the perverse logic of spending. We increase spending to the point that a tax cut can be attacked as fiscal irresponsibility. Thea tragedy of the Obama stimulus is that it took away all of our tax cutting tools.

Sunday, 9 May

I am beginning to love Jan Brewer. As a noted political philosopher once said, "If they bring a knife to the fight, bring a gun."

How Bad is our Fiscal Problem? In April, the Federal Government receives the bulk of tax payments. If you are underwater in April, then you will be drowning in the next 11 months. We are collecting debt at an unprecedented rate.

Structural Unemployment with Increase Productivity. When it becomes hard to hire and fire staff, entreprenuers will find other ways to use capital.

Look out - America Likes Arizona's Immigration Approach. Rasmussen reports that 55% of all Coloradans want a law like Arizona's.

Drowing the Republic in Paper. Little known provision in HCR will make every business in America send a 1099 for all purchases over $600. If you have ever managed a business, you know how annoying this is. This regime has no clue how destructive of job and growth this is.

Saturday, 8 May

63 Seats in Play for Republicans. Good start. However, what is wrong with 70? 80? 90?

Burns on the Move in PA-12. Looks like the Democrats are scrambling. Amazing. A Republican in John Murtha's seat.

Best of all Possible News. Incumbents are worried about the soon to be unemployment of Sen. Bob Bennett.

Friday, 7 May

Trouble for Alan Mollohan? Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. This is another seismic election - his defeat will send shock waves through the system.

Ignore the chattering classes. Immigration is a loser issue for the Democrats. American are compassionate but practical. Close the border first - then, we will worry about bringing illegal immigrants into the system.

Thursday, 6 May

Meet Sean Duffy, who is the guy that convinced David Obey to hang up his spikes. Great work Sean.

What did you expect? Regulators live to regulate. Who cares if a district court says no, the FCC and the Obama administration cannot bear to see unregulated commerce flourish. And, as shown by their rigorous regulation of BP, expect good things to come from this.

How soon before Treasuries become Junk Bonds? As early as May 2018. This is really, really scary.

Meet the Young Guns. These are 13 Republicans likely to capture Democrat seats in the fall.

Wednesday, 5 May

Another meme bites the dust. There are 32 black republican candidates running for the House of Representatives. Here is one of them - Ryan Frazier. He is running against an Obama-Pelosi-Reid hack named Earl Perlmutter for the 7th district of Colorado.

Russ Carnahan - Living on a Yacht to Avoid Paying Taxes - fumbles federal reporting. Typical Democrat. Taxes are for everyone else, but not us.

Put this guy on the list. While he did not vote for Health Care Reform, this comment is so stupid we should add this guy - Rep. Gene Taylor - to the list.

Steny Hoyer has a droll sense of humor. Thank goodness that the Democrats are not treating terrorism as a partisan issue.

Ten Dumbest Things Said about the Arizona Immigration Law. Here is a series of quotes concerning the Arizona law for your enjoyment. If it irritates the Democrats and the Media, can it be bad?

Tuesday, 4 May

Greece - Dry run for California. The parallels are striking and worrisome. However, the county is in the best of hands.

Teacher evaluation and tenure changes in Colorado. Slowly but surely, we are going to change the way we hire, train, and manage teachers in the public school system.

Amazing, what do tenured professors do. I suppose that this could also be considered an example of the market at work. Unfortunately, this will not lead to any decrease in tuitions.

Pleasant view of reality. I guess service in the administration makes them dumb. Revel in Ray LaHood's insight into what Americans want in transportation.

Monday, 3 May

Let's get the band back together aqain. Jim Trafficant to run for congress again. It is just like old times. True story. I met Jim at my uncle's funeral. I introduced my nephew to him. My nephew was in high school. The Congressman's aide suggested that my nephew should study hard. Congressman Jim said that he did not study in school and he still became a Congressman. My uncle - not a Trafficant fan - had no comment. But, you have to love that honesty.

How day care workers in Michigan became public sector unionized employees. While reprehensible, this is pretty clever. If the perpetrators could just put the same initiative into building and marketing good products for export.

Djou takes significant lead in HI-01. I guess that he will enjoy walking around with a target on his back.

Sunday, 2 May

Boycott Arizona. Make my Day. Interesting view of immigration from an Arizonan's point of view.

Tim Burns +6 in Daily Kos Poll. It will be great to see PA-12 flip Republican. Expect the Democrats to bring in as much money as they have to defend this seat.

Saturday, 1 May

The Monopoly Strikes Again. It is comforting to know that California cannot even buy elementary textbooks where the math is performed correctly.

Stand-by for the Tsunami. Interesting poll. Republicans lead in all New Hampshire races, including the Senate race.

Mitt Romney - Regular Guy. These type of stories speak volumes about the guy. What to like - no enourage and likes peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches.

The Dodd Financial Regulation bill - just one good deal after another. The Consumer Protection Agency will have nearly unlimited access to your personal information. Remember when liberals hated intrusive wire-tapping?

Friday, 30 April

Have we come to this - part 28? If this does not tell you how bankrupt our politics is, nothing will. Charlie Crist needs votes to become a Senator from Florida. Why don't I bribe the state workers and teachers. What can go wrong with that? Yikes. We have to get rid of these guys. Now. NOW. NOW!!!!! (Note, there are no other ways to indicate emotion on a printed page.)

Bonus Question - What creature has the Vertebrate?

Great News for an Industrialized Country. As Milton Friedman pointed out continually, it is that more and more people are not producing goods and services.

The Wages of Socialism. This is bad for our economy. Europe is a large market for our exports. Read the article twice. In the second read, replace "California" for "Greece". See what you think.

House Republicans Help Crist. Great cause. This will shake up the national Democrats. It will make Chris van Hollen's day.

Thursday, 29 April

The Two Americas. People who receive public sector union benefits and pensions and people who pay for them. Looks like John Edwards was right.

When in doubt, put the band back together. Tim Kaine talks about putting the old Obama coalition together for 2010. Believe me, it has lost a few members since then.

Good study on individual tax burden. This is the only time that Maryland would be considered a Red state.

Nice thought. Actually, nothing embarrasses a liberal.

Best thoughts about the Arizona law. As usual, go to the web for thought. Go to MSNBC to hear a few Nazi ephithets.

What a shock. HCR supporters are out in their district early, campaigning against Washington. How dumb do they think we are?

Wednesday, 28 April

My Kind of Governor. Rick Parry takes down a coyote. If you are smart, you will not mess with his dog. BTW, this was not the actual gun, but it is a cool picture.

Worried about the coming blow-out, congressional Democrats modify the plans.

Voters look like they will reject Utah's Bob Bennett. One man's ideological purity test is another man's quality control. RINOs are going to find it difficult in the current environment.

Winning the issue that matters most. Good point from Third Base Politics. It is all about jobs. Socialism destroys job creation.

Welcome to the Conservative brand. From my own experience, there are more of these every day.

Another View of California Politics. Hat tip Cal Watch Dog


It's on - the coming battle with the NEA. If we do not win this this one, we do not have a nation.

Women date 24 men and spend thousands before finding Mr. Right. Calm down. This is cool. It can't be all Obama and Health Care.

Tuesday, 27 April

The Lady who Controls the World through Facebook. Go Tim. Go Sarah. I can't wait until November.

Sue to Get a Vote. Republicans to sue to get a Vote to replace Eric Massa in New York 24. Governor Patterson does not want to hold an election.

How Do You Know that They Are Losing? Step 1 - they accuse you of racism. Step 2 - they accuse you of working for Sarah Palin. Ron Klein is counting his short, numbered days as Allen West gets ready to enter Congress.

There is no such thing as a conservative Democrat. Listen to Jane Harmon wax eloquently about raising taxing. Defeat them all.

Surprise. HCR is not revenue neutral. Ohio Congressmen will have a difficult time running away from this until November.

Expect a long year for David Obey. Check out the fact that his Republican opponents have raised a significant amount of money.

(Hat tip to the Milwaukee Journal.)

Monday, 26 April

Allen West Poses Real Threat to South Florida's Democrats. Allen West is an exciting candidate. Check out these numbers to appreciate the groundwork that Allen has done since the last election.

Surprise. In a socialist state there is never enough money. As the Government drives down incentives to work, then Max and his buddies will be omnipresent looking for revenue.

21% of Americans Think Lay-off is near. This is not surprising given the success of the stimulus.

Sunday, 25 April

Carpet-baggers Moving Into Michigan's First. This may be one of the reasons that we are the "stupid" party.

Strong Primary Challenge for the king of earmarks. While it is not a conservative Republican, this is a strong challenge against a guy who has to go.

Nice Recap about Another Lie - GM Paying Back the Loan. This is the from the annals of crony capitalism.

Saturday, 24 April

Attacking Public Sector Unions - From the Left. Slowly but surely, we are beginning to realize the danger public sector unions pose to our democracy.

Whoahhh. Big Tax Increases Coming. These taxes are inevitable unless we get rid of a good part of the 219 HCR voters.

Mary Jo Kilroy Exposes Timothy Geithner. Funny story about how Mary Jo Kilroy (D-OH) tries to expost John Kasich (Lehman Brothers) and instead puts the hurt on Turbo Tax Tim. Watchin Mary Jo will boost you ego - you will always feel smarter.

Grayson Attacts Another Opponent.Another Republican to face off against America's favority congressman.

Friday, 23 April

Don't Dis the Public Sector Unions. Scary story of how local life can sour when public sector unions become too powerful.

4 Million Americans Targeted to pay the HCR Fine in 2016. But by that time, we will be carving Honest Obe's visage into Mount Rushmore.

National Figures Target Jack Spratt. Yeah, I know. It is only Tim Pawlenty. However, Jack Spratt did vote for HCR and has to go.

Michigan Public Sector Pay Increases 25% over Inflation since 1999. This has had a devastating effect on the private sector. Check out the average salary in Michigan for public sector employees.

Millionaire's Tax in Washington. It is just part of the Democrat/SEIU playbook. This has worked well into getting the principal payers of income tax to move. Go for it, Washington.

Thursday, 22 April

Mary Jo Kilroy, brilliant political scholar, on that lovely old centrist Nancy Pelosi. Does it surprise you that Mary Jo also voted to HCR. (Hat tip Third Base Politics).

Thank God They Are Doing this for You. In Colorado, the teachers are taking time off from classroom to lobby for more funding. Thank goodness they are looking out for our best interests.

If at first you don't succeed, legislate. Expect the Senate to consider more price controls for Health Care.

Ten Best Tea Party Signs. The signs alone make the rallies worth attending.

Wednesday, 21 April

Amazing Poll Results from New Jersey. Amazing. Voters react well to sensible leadership. Who knew? Also, check out these school levy results from New Jersey. Shockingly, you had to really look for this on the web this morning. It was not news in the minds of the principal news sites.

Subtle Warning from California Labor Leader. This was delivered in the chamber. This should be a call to arms.

Gangster Government - Has it Come to This. I remember a time when the US Government was respected for impartiality. Once we clean out Obama and the Democrats, we have to work for a generation to rebuild that image.

Tim Burns Leads by 3 in PA 12. A Tim Burns win here sends shockwaves through the system.

Follow the Money. Well-funded challengers exist on both sides of the aisle.

Tuesday, 20 April

Unions Target Moderate Democrats. Here we can sit back and watch the fund.

Goldman Suit No Coincidence. It is just part of the show-trial necessary to minimize Republican gains in 2010. Sheesh. Have we come to this?

All Eyes Focus on PA-12. A Republican victory there would send shock waves through the Democrat infrastructure.

Even Centrist Democrats are in Trouble. HCR is the 800 pound Gorilla in the room. For the Democrats, it will never go away.

Wow. Chris Christie Rocks. This is exactly the type of honest, no-excuse talk to defeat teachers and the rest of their public sector union cronies.

Monday, 19 April

Allen West - Great Speech. Allen has been called everything but a Child of God. Hold the line.

Bad News for Betsey Markey (CO 04). The conservative forces are gaining in her district and she definitely looks like a one-termer.

Republicans Poised for Gains in New Mexico, Two separate seats in play due to HCR and the number of jobs lost.

Sunday, 18 April

Incredibly Scary View of the Future. This is appalling and, to me, a logical outcome of socialism. When the Government becomes the "Nanny State", why do you need families?

40 Seats is the Minimum. GOP has to expand the base to capture the majority. Actually, we want to party like it is 1894.

Democrats Hold Jewish Voters. At least in Florida. I wonder what it will take to get them to change their minds and vote conservative.

Paton Outraises Gifford in AZ-08. Remember, fund-raising is a great chance to identify how well an incumbent congressman is doing.

Saturday, 17 April

Taxes are Great if you Can Vote for them and Not Pay Them. Russ Carnahan (MO-03) lives in a boat across the Mississippi from his heavily taxed Missouri disctrict. It is a great life.

Another Great Idea - Tax the Rich. and get them to move. Because of the trendy populism, Montgomery County in Maryland is facing significant budget shortfalls.

Stupak Challenger Hits Money Bomb Goals. Vaya con dios, Bart. We really do not miss you.

Tea Party - Less Complaining and More Campaigning. Great development. The one thing that the current Congress understands in power. Change Congress and you change attitudes.

Listen to a great American talk about his people. Put "American" as your race in your census forms.

Friday, 16 April

Listen to the wisdom of another great American.

Tea-Party Barbie. It is nice to be on the winning side.

Time to Take a Stand in PA 12 and in America. It is money bomb time. The Democrats are dropping a million bucks on this race to demoralize patriots who think that 70 is not enough. Send a message to Nancy Pelosi via Tim Burns.

Defeat Them All. Tea Partiers wary of established Republicans and loathe Democrats. There is still hope for America.

Tough Sledding for Harry in the Desert. You are right - this is a blog dedicated to defeating Congressmen who voted for HCR. But everyone needs some good news. Think of it as a secret pleasure.

Stirring Words from Another Patriot. Just to let you know that the Democrats always remain classy.

Baucus Chuckles at $108B of Debt. This is wonderful. Can you be more objectionable? Max Baucas needs to be defeated as soon as possible.

Thursday, 15 April

Few Lawmakers Do Their Own Taxes. What is marvelous is that none of these guys see the irony involved in all this. Happy tax day.

The Next Big Bailout. Get ready for it. Cannot let the public sector unions fail.

Wednesday, 14 April

Hey Vaughn, how do you really feel about Nancy? Anytime I hear pro-life and see a truck, it will be pretty good political ad. Idaho will be lucky to have him.

Its Working - Tea Party Makes Members Consider Retirement. Let's help them along with a strong vote in November.

Democrats Retain Wexler's Seat. As least Wexler is gone. Thank goodness for small favors.

Joe Heck Leads Dana Titus. Good news from Nevada. Dana Titus was a solid vote for HCR and deserves a chance to move back to Nevada.

Charles Djou Roiling the Democrats in Hawaii. This is good news and a potential pick-up. Charles DJou is an Army Reserve officer.

Tuesday, 13 April

Excellent Way to Handle Stealth Welfare Watching Governor Christie in New Jersey take on the Teachers' Union brings hope to a pretty dismal time. He needs our support.

HCR Represents $3.9B Tax Increase Just more reasons to retire the remaining 212.

Raise Taxes and Lose Jobs Pretty good description of what happened to California, Michigan, or Illinois because of rule by "progressives".

Personal Income Falls 3.8% Since Obama Elected This is just the first of many. Wait until the Bush tax cuts expire in 2011.

Monday, 12 April

Congress in No Rush to Complete a Budget After a while, you have to ask. What do they actually do with their day?

Virginia 2 More Competitive.This is the first of many stories that we will see like this in a long march back from socialism


219 Members Voted for HCR

1 Member Defeated in Primary

4 Members Running for the Senate

9 Members Retired

205 Members Left to Go!